In this short post I will provide additional evidence from the ahadith that Muslims are in reality Muhammadans that worship Muhammad, a man who was an imperfect, fallible, immoral sexual deviant and false prophet.

The Quran exhorts Muhammad and his followers to devote their whole lives, wealth and sacrifices entirely to Allah:

Say (O Muhammad): “Verily, my Salat (prayer), my sacrifice, my living, and my dying are for Allah, the Lord of the ‘Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists). S. 6:162 Hilali-Khan

March forth, whether you are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill, old and poor), strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the Cause of Allah. This is better for you, if you but knew. S. 9:41 Hilali-Khan

And who does more wrong than the one who invents a lie against Allah, while he is being invited to Islam? And Allah guides not the people who are Zalimun (polytheists, wrong-doers and disbelievers) folk. They intend to put out the Light of Allah (i.e. the religion of Islam, this Qur’an, and Prophet Muhammad) with their mouths. But Allah will complete His Light even though the disbelievers hate (it). He it is Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islamic Monotheism) to make it victorious over all (other) religions even though the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, and disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah and in His Messenger Muhammed) hate (it). O You who believe! Shall I guide you to a commerce that will save you from a painful torment. That you believe in Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad), and that you strive hard and fight in the Cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives, that will be better for you, if you but know! (If you do so) He will forgive you your sins, and admit you into Gardens under which rivers flow, and pleasant dwelling in Gardens of ‘Adn Eternity [‘Adn (Edn) Paradise], that is indeed the great success. And also (He will give you) another (blessing) which you love, help from Allah (against your enemies) and a near victory. And give glad tidings (O Muhammad) to the believers. S. 61:7-11 Hilali-Khan

And yet according to the hadiths, Muhammad’s best friend and father-in-law, the very man who married off his 9 year old premature, prepubescent manner to his 54 year old prophet,

‘A’isha reported: Allah’s Messenger married me when I was six years old, and I was admitted to his house at the age of nine. She further said: We went to Medina and I had an attack of fever for a month, and my hair had come down to the earlobes. Umm Ruman (my mother) came to me and I was at that time on a swing along with my playmates. She called me loudly and I went to her and I did not know what she had wanted of me. She took hold of my hand and took me to the door, and I was saying: Ha, ha (as if I was gasping), until the agitation of my heart was over. She took me to a house, where had gathered the women of the Ansar. They all blessed me and wished me good luck and said: May you have share in good. She (my mother) entrusted me to them. They washed my head and embellished me and nothing frightened me. Allah’s Messenger came there in the morning, and I was entrusted to him. (Sahih MuslimBook 008, Number 3309

‘A’isha reported that Allah’s Apostle married her when she was seven years old, and she was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old. (Sahih Muslim, Book 008, Number 3311)

Aisha said: The Apostle of Allah married me when I was seven years old. The narrator Sulaiman said: Or six years. He had intercourse with me when I was nine years old. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 11, Number 2116

Yunus b. Bukayr stated, from Hisham b. ‘Urwa, from his father who said, “The Messenger of God married ‘A’isha three years after (the death of) Khadija. At that time (of the contract) ‘A’isha had been a girl of six. When he married her she was nine. The Messenger of God died when ‘A’isha was a girl of eighteen.”

This tradition is considered gharib (unique in this line).

Al-Bukhari had related, from ‘Ubayd b. Isma‘il, from Abu Usama, from Hisham b. ‘Urwa, from his father, who said, “Khadija died three years before the emigration of the Prophet. He allowed a couple of years or so to pass after that, and then he contracted marriage with ‘A’isha when she was six, thereafter consummating marriage with her when she was nine years old.”

What ‘Urwah stated here is mursal, incomplete, as we mentioned above, but in its content it must be judged as muttasil, uninterrupted.

His statement, “He contracted marriage with ‘A’isha when she was six, thereafter consummating marriage with her when she was nine” IS NOT DISPUTED BY ANYONE, and is well established in the sahih collections of traditions and elsewhere. (Ibn Kathir, The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya), translated by professor Trevor Le Gassick, reviewed by Dr. Muneer Fareed [Garnet Publishing Limited, 8 Southern Court, south Street Reading RG1 4QS, UK; The Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization, first paperback edition, 2000], Volume II, pp. 93-94; bold and capital emphasis mine)

And who was the first caliph, Abu Bakr, is reported to have stated that he devoted his entire life and wealth for Muhammad alone:   

The Book of the Sunnah

(11a) Chapter: The Virtue of Abu Bakr Siddiq

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah said:

“The Messenger of Allah said: ‘The wealth of none of you has benefited me as much as the wealth of Abu Bakr.'” Abu Bakr wept and said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, I and my wealth are ONLY for you, O Messenger of Allah.'”

Grade: Da’if (Darussalam)

Reference: Sunan Ibn Majah 94

In-book reference: Introduction, Hadith 94

English translation: Vol. 1, Book 1, Hadith 94 (; capital and italicized emphasis mine)


Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah said, “The wealth of no one has benefited me as much as the wealth of Abu Bakr.” Abu Bakr wept and he said, “My life and my wealth are ONLY for you, O Messenger of Allah.”

Source: Musnad Aḥmad 7397

Grade: Sahih (authentic) according to Ahmad Shakir

The foregoing proves that Muhammad turned himself into another deity alongside his god, since he expected Muslims to love him just as much as Allah, and to perfectly submit to him as they submit to the Islamic deity:

Say (O Muhammad to mankind): “If you (really) love Allah then follow me (i.e. accept Islamic Monotheism, follow the Qur’an and the Sunnah), Allah will love you and forgive you of your sins. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” Say (O Muhammad): “Obey Allah and the Messenger (Muhammad).” But if they turn away, then Allah does not like the disbelievers. S. 3:31-32 Hilali-Khan

But no, by your Lord, they can have no Faith, until they make you (O Muhammad) judge in all disputes between them, and find in themselves no resistance against your decisions, and accept (them) with full submission. S. 4:65 Hilali-Khan

He who obeys the Messenger (Muhammad), has indeed obeyed Allah, but he who turns away, then we have not sent you (O Muhammad) as a watcher over them. S. 4:80 Hilali-Khan       

 Say: If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your kindred, the wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, and the dwellings in which you delight … are dearer to you than Allah AND His Messenger, and striving hard and fighting in His Cause then wait until Allah brings about His Decision (torment). And Allah guides not the people who are Al-Fasiqun (the rebellious, disobedient to Allah). S. 9:24 Hilali-Khan

This proves that Islam is a blasphemously idolatrous religion, which elevates a wicked, vile, immoral false prophet to the status of godhood.


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